If you have decided to register or incorporate a company in Pakistan, you must pay the SECP company registration fee to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). SECP performs various functions, therefore the Companies Act 2017 provides for the payment of fees related to different submissions to SECP. These may include filing of documents, name reservation, user registration, mortgage registration, amendment and satisfaction of charge fees, and filing various applications. The fees have been prescribed under the Seventh Schedule of the Companies Act which empowers the SECP to amend the schedule from time to time.

SECP User Registration Fee

SECP’s online portal, known as eservices, provides businesses and individuals with a convenient platform to access various SECP services and submit required filings electronically including the incorporation process. To utilize this platform, users must register and create an account. The user registration fee of Rs.200 per user is a one-time payment that enables access to the eservices portal. Entrepreneurs need to have an active user registration to benefit from the convenience and efficiency offered by the SECP’s online platform.

SECP Name Reservation Fee

When you file an application for name reservation for your proposed company, SECP will charge a nominal fee of Rs.200 excluding bank charges. Once the name is reserved, it remains valid for a certain period, allowing the applicant to proceed with the company registration process. Though the fee is a one-time fee, however, if you fail to file an incorporation application within the prescribed time the reservation expires. In such a case you will have to apply again and pay the name reservation fee. However, if the company is incorporated with the reserved name, the name remains associated with the company, unless changed, without any further fee or renewal charges.

Company Registration Fee Pakistan

A company registration fee is a mandatory cost incurred when registering a new company with the SECP. The fee is calculated based on the Authorized Capital of the proposed company. Therefore this fee is also known as the SECP fee for authorized capital. SECP has prescribed a tiered fee structure, whereby the registration fee increases with the company’s capital On April 20, 2023, SECP has amended the Seventh Schedule and the company registration fee for incorporation of local company has been revised.

Company Registration Fee in Pakistan

Authorized capital Online filing Offline filing
Upto 100000 2,200 5,000
For every 100,000 or a part above the first 100,000 upto 5 billion 700 700
For every 100,000 or part above 5 billion 165 165
Section 42 company (Not for profit) registration fee
Registration fee 27,500 55,000
License Fee 150,000 150,000

SECP Filing Fee

Filing fees are charged for submitting various documents and statutory forms to the SECP. These fees cover the administrative costs associated with processing and reviewing the documents. The amount of the filing fee depends on the nature of the document being filed, such as the annual financial statements, annual returns, resolutions, or changes in company particulars and other statutory forms. SECP officials will not accept a form, application, or other documents unless the prescribed filing fee

Fees for Filing Statutory Returns
Document Online filing Offline filing
Any statutory form or return 1000 1500

Mortgage or Charge Registration, Modification, Rectification, and Satisfaction Fee

In certain circumstances, companies may choose to mortgage or create charges on their assets or obtain loans secured against specific assets. The SECP imposes fees for registration, modification, Rectification, or satisfaction of charges and mortgages related to these transactions. The fees related to mortgages or charges are charged regardless of the value of the assets.

However, for any rectification, first, you will have to file an application for rectification and then file the rectification document.

Fee for Mortgage or Charge
Type of Document Online Filing Offline Filing
Registration, modification and satisfaction of Mortgage or Charge
Within 30 days 11000 15000
Filing Satisfaction of charge document within 1 year 11000 16500
Filing Satisfaction of charge document after 1 year 16500 24750

SECP Late Filing Fee

If you fail to file any form or return within the prescribed time, you must pay a late filing fee. The Commission or the registrar will only accept the late-filed document after payment of an additional fee as per the following table.

Late filing fee
Time of Filing Fee including late fee
Within 90 days Two times the normal fee
Within 180 days Three times the normal fee
Within 01 year Four times the normal fee
Within 2 years Five times the normal fee

Application Fees for Various Applications

Apart from the aforementioned fees, the SECP may also impose application fees for specific approvals, permission, sanction, exemption, direction, or confirmation by the SECP or the concerned registrar. These fees are applicable for various applications made to the SECP or the registrar and may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the application being submitted. All the applications may not be relevant in the ordinary course of business, therefore only the most relevant applications are been mentioned in the table below.

Fee for Applications
Application Online Filing Offline Filing
Approval for change of name of a company 2500 5000
alteration in the memorandum of association 5000 10000
Conversion of the status of a company 2500 5000
Issuance of shares at a discount 5000 10000
Issuance of further share capital other than right issue 25000 50000
Approval of Employee Stock Option Scheme 25000 50000
Issuance of shares with different rights and privileges 25000 50000
Extension in the prescribed period for holding the AGM of a public company 10000 15000
Extension in the prescribed period for holding AGM of a private company 3000 5000
Fresh election of directors 5000 10000
approval of a loan to a director 5000 10000
Obtaining the status of an inactive company 5000 10000
Application by an inactive company for obtaining the status of an active company 5000 10000

Fees for Certified True Copy (SECP CTC Fee)

SECP maintains the record of all the documents filed by the companies and you can obtain a certified to be true copy (CTC) of any such document. A certified copy of any document may be obtained by applying and on payment of the prescribed fee as per the table below

Copying Fees
Document Online application Offline application
Certificate of incorporation 100 600
Memorandum and Articles of Association of a private limited company 250 1500
Memorandum and Articles of Association of other than a private limited company 500 3000
Any return other than financial statements of private company 100 600
Any return other than financial statements of a company other than a private company 200 900
Extract of any other document, financial statements or register 20 per page (minimum 100) 20 per page (minimum 100)
System-generated company profile 1000 Not available
System-generated register/report of outstanding charges/ mortgages 2000 Not available
System generated detail of officers of a Company 200 Not available
System-generated detail (name, address, capital) of a company 200 Not available


Navigating the process of establishing and managing a company in Pakistan requires a comprehensive understanding of the fees associated with SECP registration, filing, and copying. You must consider registration fee, filing fee, name reservation fee, user registration fee, mortgage registration, amendment and satisfaction of charge fee, application are essential aspects of compliance that entrepreneurs and businesses must consider. By familiarizing themselves with these fees and staying up to date with any revisions or changes made by the SECP, entrepreneurs can ensure a smooth and successful registration, management, and, compliance. It is advisable to consult the SECP office website or seek professional advice to obtain accurate and current information about the fees and associated requirements.

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