Filing Fee Calculator

Filing Fee Calculator

With this easy-to-use SECP filing fee calculator, you can calculate the filing fee prescribed by the Companies Act 2017. You must be aware of the different forms a company may have to file to meet compliance requirements.

To calculate the applicable fee for a form you need the due date of filing. If you file the form within the due date, the fee will be charged at normal rates. However, the due date has passed, and you may have to pay an additional filing fee which may be up to four times the standard fee (plus of course the standard fee).

Just enter or select the due date for the submission of a form like Form A, Form 29, Form 3, or any other form. You will get the total applicable SECP filing fee (which includes the applicable additional filing fee, if any). If you are not sure about the due date of a form, you check the compliance calendar.

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