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Company Registration Fee Calculator

With this Company Incorporation Fee Calculator, you can easily calculate SECP company registration costs. In terms of the Companies Act 2017, the cost of company registration is based on the authorized capital of the proposed company and some other fees. The authorized capital is the maximum amount for which a company can issue shares. You will have to fix the amount of authorized capital amount keeping in view your future plans, however, the minimum amount is 100,000. It’s different from the paid-up capital, which is the amount a company has issued the shares. The authorized capital amount will always be equal to or higher than the paid-up capital. Enter the amount of authorized capital with which you want to incorporate your company and with a click, you will get the amount you will have to pay for the registration of your company.

NOTE. In addition to this amount, there are some other charges that you may have to pay.

Authorized Capital Fee Calculator

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