AL RUSHD is the law firm which provides full-fledged legal services pack; from consultancy to legal drafting to litigation. Team AL RUSHD is committed to provide its clients with guidance that secures their interests at levels for their legal matters. The versatile experience the team members have on their credit, makes AL RUSHD a one stop shop for all kinds of legal services .

Al-Rushd Law Office was set up with the sole intention of making the availability of legal services more efficient, cost-effective and time-bound. India Law Offices is built around a focused approach of meeting all clients’ requirements in the legal and corporate domain under one umbrella. We combine our legal expertise of different industry sectors with the commercial understanding of our clients’ businesses and the international reach the clients need to achieve their business goals. We are one of the few law firms in the country that have a strong worldwide presence, despite being deeply rooted in Pakistan.

A full service law firm with a unique blend of legal & corporate services,Al-Rushd Law Office is a team of experienced professionals including Lawyers, Company Secretaries & Chartered Accountants offering all-inclusive services in the area of Litigation, Regulatory Compliances, Tax Advisory, Corporate, Investment Strategy and cross border investment planning.

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