Increased Authorized Capital Fee Calculator

Calculate Additional Fee on Increased Authorized Capital

In terms of the Companies Act 2017, SECP charges a fee based on authorized capital at the time of incorporation along with other fees. However, when a company proposes to increase its authorized capital, the company will have to pay the differential amount on the increased authorized capital amount. The will be paid on the total amount of authorized capital after the increase less the amount already paid on the authorized capital at the time of incorporation or any subsequent increase prior to the proposed increase.
For example, if the current authorized capital is 100,000 and the company proposes to increase the authorized capital to 1,000,000, the company will pay a fee on 900,000.

With this easy-to-use calculator, you can calculate the amount you will have to pay for the increased amount of authorized capital. Just put the current amount of authorized capital and the proposed amount of authorized capital (including the current amount) and you will get the fee for the differential amount. Simple, isn’t it?

NOTE. In addition to this amount, there are some other charges that you may have to pay.

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