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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a Company from a Legal Perspective

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Overview Chief Executive Officer (short form: CEO) is another key management position in a company after the board of directors. He is also called the principal officer [...]

Board of Directors – Constitution and Structure under Companies Act 2017

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Company directors or Board of Directors (as a collective body) is the critical management team of a company. The Company law in Pakistan provides that a company's management mainly vests with the [...]

Company Management – Hierarchy and Roles under Companies Act 2017

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If you are setting up a company, you may have faced the question about company management under the law.  You may be curious about the legal requirements for the management structure and [...]

Company Compliance in Pakistan – 17 Things Every Company Must Do

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Company law in Pakistan (the Companies Act 2017) prescribes legal and regulatory (compliance) requirements for companies in Pakistan. These requirements vary from company to company based on the type of the company or [...]

Articles of Association in Pakistan | Your Complete Guide

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Overview What are the Articles of Association? Articles of association (acronym “AOA”) or bylaws are the rules and regulations to regulate the internal affairs of the [...]