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New Companies Regulations 2024 for Registration and Compliance

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Overview Companies Regulations 2024 - What They Cover? The Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has issued Companies Regulations 2024 effective 12th February 2024. The [...]

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a Company from a Legal Perspective

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Overview Chief Executive Officer (short form: CEO) is another key management position in a company after the board of directors. He is also called the principal officer [...]

Company Compliance in Pakistan – Never Miss these 17 Points

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Requirements of Company Compliance in Pakistan Company law in Pakistan (the Companies Act 2017) prescribes legal and regulatory requirements for company compliance in Pakistan. These requirements vary from company to company based [...]

SECP Company Registration Fee and Other Fees | A Comprehensive Guide

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If you have decided to register or incorporate a company in Pakistan, you must pay the SECP company registration fee to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). SECP performs various functions, [...]

SECP FORM 28 – Consent to Act as Director or CEO – Your Quick Guide!

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With the promulgation of the Companies Regulations 2024, effective 12th February 2024 Form 28 has been abolished and appended with Form 9 which has been replaced by Form 29. [...]